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About Kalpataru

Kalpataru has been weaving its paper story for the past 30 years. Serving our customers’ varying paper needs with tailor-made solutions for the paper and packaging market in India and globally.

Our extensive partner and supplier network and ongoing research ensure that our customers get the best quality for their investment, for paper variants, packaging boards, specialty papers. This includes providing forest products like various types of wood pulp (hardwood, softwood and fluff pulp).

In recent years, recycled Paper Scrap has gained renewed importance in the manufacturing of paper globally.

We source recycled paper scrap at the best quality and most competitive pricing to suit the varied needs of paper manufacturers.

Kalpataru made its foray in the world of paper in 1989 with a commitment and passion to bring innovation, sustainability and quality practices to the industry.

We can proudly say that we have lived up to our dream and promise of being a catalyst in the world of paper and packaging. Our long-standing association with some of the leading converters, packaging houses, and paper mills have enabled us to be the leading company for customized paper and allied products.

At Kalpataru, We don’t MAKE, We CREATE

From the paper that is an indispensable part of your child’s education to newspapers, to legal documents and contracts, to the artist’s canvas, the doctor’s prescription, imagine your life without paper!

The all-pervasive paper is an integral part of our world. At Kalpataru we are proud that we create products that protect your priceless valuables, keeps new technology gadgets secure, keeps fresh produce fresh for longer distances, helps you enjoy your fresh cuppa tea while traveling or at home. In other words, we don’t just create paper, we create experiences.

Paper May Not be Expensive, but it is Certainly Priceless.

We create recyclable and renewable products that binds our world together. We create packaging paper that protects your priceless objects, keeps new technologies secure, we create paper that brings fresh fruits and vegetables too far off places, a paper that lets you enjoy your tea in style while traveling or while at home.

We create paper that caters to your delicate sanitary needs. We create a paper on which business documents are signed, contracts are drafted, love, joy, grief, and sorrow are expressed, on which exams are taken, novels and stories are written. To sum it all up it is perfect to say we create paper.

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