One of the most commonly used staples of our life – a white paper is all pervasive. It is the most widely consumed type of paper across all sectors – schools, colleges, offices, Government and Non-government agencies. Most official and legal documents are still required to be documented and secured on paper for record-keeping. One of the widest uses is of course as printing and copier paper.
White paper gives wings to the artist’s imagination, children’s creativity, color to your special occasions .
We use state of the art technology and premium quality raw material to offer the following: Office documentation: Papers range from economy to premium grades – including copy papers ad multipurpose paper for use in various types of modern and conventional printers and devices.
All our publication paper is sourced from trusted sources only. Additionally, our sophisticated packaging system enables us in meeting your bulk order and custom packaging requirements. We offer a range of paper grades from 17 gsm to 300 gsm. Our QA checks ensure that papers meet the high publication standards of contemporary users with high legibility of graphics and text on the paper.

Copy paper: Our copy paper is medium weight and has a silky-smooth texture. Ideal for taking handwritten notes and printing. Stiff and tensile enough to hold its own if used to construct paper models.

Art paper: High-range, thick and slightly rough textured art paper. This is used by the art community for pencil drawings, ink drawings and to paint on.

Cardstock: Also known as coverstock or pasteboard paper. We provide stiff, smooth and thin cardstock paper with an ideal consistency that is far more durable than writing or printing paper but thinner than cardboard. Our cardstock paper is ideal for business cards, building paper models, creating greeting cards, invites, and architectural paper models.

Construction paper: This is a highly popular paper category owing to the increased use of construction paper in craft projects. We provide a paper that is tough, coarse in vivid colors. The density is thinner than cardboard and ideal for pop-up cards, origami, and other 3D crafts. Made from 100% recycled fiber, with bulk higher than 2.1.

Ideal for tiny tots to build their fine motor skills and get creative.

Newspaper printing paper: Created from wood pulp, newspaper printing paper is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. This variety has many uses other than newspapers, that is – flyers, printed material, handbills, and other promotional material, etc. Chiefly consisting of groundwood, newsprint paper has an off-white cast and unique feel.

Our Range of Products :

Maplitho, Colour Printing Paper
Copier Paper
Colour File Board
Fluorescent Paper & Board (70 to 300 gsm)
Coated Art Paper & Card (80 gsm to 300 gsm)
Carbon-less Paper, Thermal Paper
Newsprint & Hi Bulk Newsprint Paper